Who We Are

Grace Church of New Braunfels, Texas is a non-denominational/interdenominational Protestant Christian Community church. Adult membership is available to all those who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and are baptized Christians. We are a Trinitarian, Christ centered, Bible-based congregation. We were founded independently so as to be able to work with all Christians, while not being owned by any one group, or bound up in the politics of any one body or polity.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of our church is to serve the Lord and all God’s people through worship, Christian education, prayer, service, mission, fellowship, and outreach. We seek to blend the best traditions from the whole breadth of Christianity while always remaining open to new ways to reach people with the gospel message. Our official statement of purpose states:

Grace Church is a Bible-believing church celebrating God’s love through GRACE, FELLOWSHIP and FORGIVENESS.  As active Disciples of Christ, we believe our purpose is to:

  • Teach the Word of God
  • Practice and live the Word
  • Attract and lead the unsaved to Jesus Christ
  • Provide a safe place for sinners
  • Minister to the needy